60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution


60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution

Environmental pollution refers to excess output/discharge of any material into the environment in amounts which are harmful enough for humans, other life or valued assets of a man like buildings.

Nearly all human activities produce wastes that eventually find their way into natural reservoirs. A reservoir or sink is a place of deposition and storage of earth, i.e., air, water and soil. Once into these sinks, planet’s ecosystems have natural capacity to assimilate the wastes. But human activities are generating wastes at an accelerated pace far outpacing the ability of ecosystems to assimilate the wastes. This disequilibrium between the rate at which waste is generated and rate at which waste is assimilated by ecosystem is leading to generation of environmental pollution.

Environmental pollutant is excess of any biological, physical or chemical substance that is potent enough to be harmful to life in some form.

Pollution has become a widespread problem affecting all the natural sinks of planet. Based upon the occurrence of sink, major types of environmental pollution are: 

Air pollution - It is the accumulation of gaseous, particulate wastes and toxic compounds in atmosphere. 

Water Pollution - It is defined as degradation of water quality such that it is rendered unusable for its intended purpose. It can be either surface water pollution or groundwater pollution. 

Soil Pollution - It is the presence of chemicals in soils which are either out of place or higher than normal concentrations. 

Environmental pollution has become a globally pervasive problem. Environmental science has offered many combinations of solutions like waste reduction and treatments. However for this to happen, it requires massive awareness generation amongst all the stakeholders including industry, people and Government. In such cases, Slogans play a nice role in increasing awareness regarding pollution among people to stop them from practising any bad habits to reduce the level of pollution.

In this article, I have compiled 60+ unique and short slogans on pollution. You can use these in pamphlets, posters, and your writings. These slogans are also used in many educational institutes to display in buildings to raise environmental awareness among students.

60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution 

  • Stop Polluting, Start Planting.

  • Let’s make a pollution-free nation. 

  • We must work on a solution to stop pollution.

  • God created trees to make the earth pollution-free.

  • Planet Earth is God’s most beautiful creation, it doesn’t need pollution.

  • Stop pollution before it harms the new generation. 

  • Go green to eliminate pollution. 

  • Feel the harms of pollution and act positively to reduce it.

  • The only solution to pollution is 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution

  • Pollution can create a problem with no solution.

  • Avoid pollution, and make a healthy nation. 

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle can minimise pollution. 

  • Beware of pollution, and work on the solution. 

  • Let’s pledge to remove pollution, it is harmful to the nation.

  • Plant a tree, to be pollution free.

  • Pollution is pollution, it is harmful in any way, pledge to remove it.

  • Change your lifestyle in favour to reduce pollution.

  • Stop pollution before it stops our breath. 

  • Pollution arises from man’s bad actions, So it can be eliminated too.

  • Pollution is killing nature’s purity, kill the pollution.

  • Control your bad activities to control pollution.

60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution

    • Teach your kids about the causes of pollution and prevention methods.

    • Don’t create much garbage otherwise, it will make your life garbage.

    • Water bodies are not dustbins, don’t load them with garbage.

    • Think about future generations and reduce pollution. 

    • Stop pollution to eat healthily and breathe fresh. 

    • Love nature but say bye to pollution.

    • Don’t pollute the environment, it will finish life on Earth in a day.

    • Follow environmental rules and regulations to reduce pollution.

    • Use a dustbin to throw garbage but be sure to recycle it.

    • Earth is our only planet to live on, don’t let polluters pollute it,

    • Keep water bodies clean to get fresh water in future.

    • Care for fresh air and don’t share it with toxic gases.

    • Saying no to pollution should be your new resolution.

                            60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution

                              • Be green to keep the environment pollution free.

                              • Be aware to reduce pollution and make it rare.

                              • Plant more trees to fight pollution. 

                              • Clean air is always fair, don’t let it be polluted. 

                              • Salute the earth but don’t pollute. 

                              • Noise pollution causes deafness among people, unite together to destroy it. 

                              • To be healthy, wealthy and wise, raise your voice against pollution. 

                              • Make this earth a pollution-free planet.

                              • Pollution is a ladder to the destruction of nature.

                              • Whoever polluters is our common enemy. 

                              • All types of pollution are equally harmful 

                              • Together we can save our planet.

                              • Keep your kids away from polluters.

                                                      60+ Unique and Short Slogans on Pollution

                                                        • Be the solution to running off the pollution.

                                                        • Polluter is the enemy of nature. 

                                                        • Be a part of the solution but not pollution.

                                                        • Be fantastic, Recycle your plastic.

                                                        • Stop pollution, be quick, Don’t make the earth sick. 

                                                        • Plastic may be fantastic but green is clean. 

                                                        • Shield the earth and shield yourself from air pollution. 

                                                        • You cannot feel the pollution unless you hate it. 

                                                        • We have a right to the air we can breathe without fear. 

                                                        • Wipe out pollution before it wipes you out. 

                                                        • We have got only one earth. Save and protect it. 

                                                        • Think green, Be green, and stop polluting.

                                                        • Join the green revolution and stop pollution. 

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