50 Amazing and Remarkable Mangrove Ecosystem Quotes and Slogans- Save our Tidal Forests


50 Amazing and Remarkable Mangrove Ecosystem Quotes and Slogans- Save our Tidal Forests

Mangroves are unique salt-tolerant trees with interlacing roots that grow in shallow marine sediments.  Mangroves are found in intertidal zones (that is the zone between high tide line and low tide line) of coastal areas. They grow in warmer tropical and sub-tropical latitudes up to latitudes 30 degrees usually. Thus, these are also called as tidal forests. 

Their roots are the breeding grounds and nurseries for many fish species like shrimp and sea trout. The branches are nesting sites for birds like pelicans, spoonbills, and egrets. They stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, and provide protection to the coast during cyclones They are more effective than concrete barriers in absorbing wave action.

Mangroves cover less than 1% of the world’s surface with a total mangrove area of around 150,000 square Km. (Source: World Atlas of Mangroves, 2010). This is approximately 1% of the tropical forests of the world. Asia has the largest amount of the world’s mangroves. Some of the important mangrove forests are found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sunderbans(West Bengal), Bhitarkanika (Odisha), Pitchavaram (Tamil Nadu), and Goa.

Despite their importance, mangroves are disappearing at a global loss rate of 1.38% per year. The world lost 192 hectares of mangrove cover from 2001 to 2012. This is a total loss of 1.38 since the year 2000 or o.13% of loss annually.

Deforestation, River change, Climate Change, and Pollution are the major causes of mangrove deforestation.

Clearing of mangroves due to urban expansion, shrimp aquaculture, over-exploitation of timber, and agriculture expansion.

If salinity becomes too high, the mangroves cannot survive. Dams and irrigation systems reduce the amount of freshwater reaching mangrove forests, changing the salinity level of water in the forest.

Toxic man-made chemicals, Fertilizers, and pesticides carried by river systems from sources upstream can kill animals living in mangroves forests, 

Without mangroves, we would all be diminished and many people would suffer because of large amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere that contributes to global warming. Protection and restoration of the mangroves that we have already lost should have the highest priority because of the benefits to people and biodiversity. 

The International Day for the Conservation of the mangrove ecosystem is celebrated every year on 26 July and aims to raise awareness of the importance of the mangrove ecosystem.

In this article, I have provided some Amazing and Remarkable Quotes and slogans on the mangrove ecosystem. I hope these will be ideal for inspiring people to take action to conserve our mangrove ecosystem.

Amazing Mangroves Quotes 

  • “The forest was the densest I had ever seen. It was made up of mangroves, giant ferns, and palms that towered as high as 150 feet.” - Peter Benchley 

  • “The continued destruction of mangrove swamps in poor countries to provide shrimp for people living in rich countries is simply the market operating in a vacuum untroubled by ethics.” -  Charles Clover 

  • “Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from leaves.” - Tasneem Hameed

  • Mangroves are one of nature’s best defences against climate change. They help to protect against erosion and storms, reduce flooding, and capture and store large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.” - Conservation International 

  • “If there are no mangroves, then the sea will have no meaning. It’s like a tree with no roots, for the mangroves are the roots of the sea!” - Mad-Ha Ranwasii ( A Thai Fisherman)

  • Mangroves are an important part of the global effort to combat climate change. They capture and store large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to slow down the effects of climate change.” - Greenpeace 

  • “Mangroves make coasts more resilient to storms and tsunamis by dissipating wave energy, binding sediments together, and reducing flooding.” - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 

  • “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt 

  • Mangroves are a vital part of the coastal ecosystem. They protect against erosion, provide habitat for fish and other animals, and help to filter pollution from the water.” - The Nature Conservancy 

  • Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow. The shadow is what we keep thinking of it, the tree is the real thing.” - Abraham Lincoln 

  • “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” - Mahatma Gandhi

50 Amazing and Remarkable Mangrove Ecosystem Quotes and Slogans- Save our Tidal Forests

  • “Healthy mangrove forests can mean the difference between life and death during a cyclone.” - UN Environment Programme 

  • “Mangroves are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world. They provide critical habitat for fish, crabs, and other animals, help to protect shorelines from erosion and storm damage, and filter pollutants from the water.” - National Wildlife Federation 

  • “What we are doing to the forest of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” - Chris Maser

  • “Mangroves are amazing ecosystems. They provide habitats for countless species of animals and plants, protect shorelines from erosion and storms, and filter pollutants from the water. These ‘forests of the sea’ truly a vital part of our planet’s natural systems.” - Sylvia Earle 

  • Trees are our closest relatives. What trees exhale, we inhale; they inhale. They are half our respiratory system.” - Jaggi Vasudev

  • “Far off in the red mangroves an alligator has heaved himself onto a hummock of grass and lies there, studying his poems.” - Mary Oliver 

  • “Mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrass lock away carbon up to five times the rate of tropical forests.” - Frances Beinecke 

  • “Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.” - E.O. Wilson

  • “Mangroves are a vital barrier against rising seas and increasingly severe storms hitting coastlines around the world. They help to protect shorelines from erosion and storm damage, and can even reduce flooding.” - World Wildlife Fund. 

  • “Mangroves are essential for the health and productivity of the coastal ecosystem. They provide critical habitat, help to protect against erosion and storms, and filter pollutants from the water.” - Environmental Defense Fund 

  • “Ancient trees are precious. There is little else on Earth that plays host to such a rich community of life within a single living organism.” - Sir David Attenborough

  • “Mangroves are one of nature’s most effective tools in the fight against climate change.” - World Wildlife Fund 

  • “Mangroves are often called the ‘nurseries of the sea’ because so many baby fish and crustaceans live among their roots.” - NOAA Fisheries 

  • “For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.”  -Martin Luther

  • “God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.” - John Muir

  • “Mangroves are among the world’s most effective carbon sinks, helping to mitigate climate change.” - Conservation Internation 

  • “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” - Nelson Henderson

  • “The mangrove is the mother tree of the rainforest.” - Tony Rinaudo 

50 Amazing and Remarkable Mangrove Ecosystem Quotes and Slogans- Save our Tidal Forests

Mangrove Ecosystem Slogans 

  • Mangroves- a safe haven for sea creatures. 
  • No mangroves, no protection from storms and waves 
  • Protecting mangroves, protecting our wildlife. 
  • Mangroves- our front-line defence against natural disasters. 
  • Mangroves- A habitat for marine species. 
  • Save the mangroves, save our seas. 
  • Mangroves- A green blanket for our coasts.
  • Protecting mangroves, safeguarding our future.
  • Mangroves-A source of ecological balance.
  • Saving mangroves, saving our heritage.
  • Mangroves-Earth’s natural beauties.
  • Save mangroves, protect our coasts.
  • Together, let’s protect our mangroves.
  • Mangroves- The roots of our existence.
  • Protecting mangroves, ensuring food security
  • Let’s unite to save the mangroves
  • Save mangroves, save our planet.
  • A world without mangroves is a world without life.
  • Save mangroves, and fight climate change.
  • Protecting mangroves is our responsibility.
  • Mangrove conservation starts with you. 
  • Mangroves help us breathe, let’s help them thrive.
  • One mangrove tree can create a thousand lives.

50 Amazing and Remarkable Mangrove Ecosystem Quotes and Slogans- Save our Tidal Forests

  • Mangrove forests, protecting our future.
  • A healthy mangrove ecosystem is a healthy planet.
  • Mangroves are the lungs of the coast, let’s keep them healthy.
  • Our future generation is rooted in mangroves
  • Let’s protect our mangroves for a better future. 
  • Let’s protect the mangroves, for a better planet 
  • Mangroves, our green ambassadors
  • Mangroves are a natural anti-pollution solution 
  • Mangroves- A sign of a healthy ecosystem 
  • Mangroves are our natural defence against tsunamis.
  • Mangroves- where the land meets the sea.
  • Conserve mangroves, saving our culture
  • Protecting mangroves, ensuring climate resilience
  • Mangroves- A vital part of our tourism industry
  • Protecting mangroves, protecting our fishing industry
  • Mangroves- Our carbon storehouses 
  • Mangroves-  A natural barrier to erosion
  • Let’s plant a mangrove today, for a greener tomorrow.
  • Plant mangroves and prevent floods.
  • Mangrove: A home for countless marine creatures.
  • Mangrove: more than just a tree.
  • Mangrove: The colourful palette of our coastal habitat
  • Save trees and be prevented from ultra-violet rays
  • Save Mangroves and reduce the Greenhouse effect

50 Amazing and Remarkable Mangrove Ecosystem Quotes and Slogans- Save our Tidal Forests

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